Rose Wang

Co-founder & CEO

While at Chirps, Rose has been racking up accolades such as a Forbes 30 under 30 social entrepreneur, Shark Tank entrepreneur, ELLE USA Impact Award winner, Echoing Green climate fellow, and TEDx speaker. She is living proof that you can do anything with a Psychology degree.

Tackling one of the biggest issues affecting our world today requires a lot of fuel, which Rose likes to get in the form of bubbly water and Sriracha Chirps. She is also an intermittent fasting beginner, sits on the board of an education non-profit, Wema Inc., in Kenya, and is Bryan Stevenson’s #1 fan. 

Laura D'Asaro

Co-founder & Chief Brand Officer

As an African Studies major at Harvard, Laura studied abroad in Tanzania. In the markets of Arusha she purchased a caterpillar from a street vendor. Tossing all caution to the wind and forgoing her vegetarian ways, Laura bit down on her future. “It tastes like lobster!” she cried. And thus Chirps was born.

When Laura is not coming up with wild, out of the box ideas like constructing the world’s largest nachos, you can find her running around San Francisco dressed as a large green bug. She is also one of our resident vegetarians and is trying hard to make “entotarian” a thing. 

Meryl Breidbart

Co-founder & Creative Director

Meryl got her B.A. at Harvard in Visual and Environmental Studies, an MFA in design from School of Visual Arts, has done visual design for several early-stage startups, and is getting her MBA from the Yale School of Management. Impressive right?

When Meryl isn’t collecting credentials, she can be found in her New Haven kitchen with her elbows deep in cricket flour baking up a storm, reading non-fiction by one of her favorite female authors, or telling her dog Moses that he’s a very good boy. 

Max Kolegue


Max literally wrote the book on operations. Ok, figuratively, but he did study Packaging Science at the University of Florida, which is almost the same thing. Max brings to Chirps a wealth of knowledge in the industry, having worked for big brands like Doritos, Cheetos, and Gevalia. He worked on one of the least sustainable products ever - K-cups - and is now earning his soul back.

Max is a world traveler who also enjoys the simple things in life such as yoga, running, and making a latte every morning to accompany his Sriracha Chirps. 

Liz Camacho

Sales Director

What is almost as difficult as selling bugs you ask? Selling ginger! Liz was influential in developing the once almost non-existent market for ginger in North America to what it is today. Liz has 10 years of experience and a degree in economics and math from UCSB. She is driven by her passion to promote sustainability in our food supply for her children and for future generations.

Liz has two young boys (which is probably where she got the idea to put gummy worms in her ice cream) whom she adores. As a family, they enjoy hiking local parks, cooking, and dancing, sometimes at the same time (we do not recommend this). 

Meghan Proulx

Creative Marketing Manager

Meghan never wanted to be the marketing manager of anything. Yet here we are! She has a B.S. in environmental science and a background in wildlife conservation, education, and food. Meghan came to Chirps for the opportunity to make a lasting impact on that which she cares about the most: our food system!

When Meghan is not spreading the buzz or crushing back bags of cheddar Chirps, she likes to go to the beach when it’s storming, cook glorious vegetarian meals, and read books. She also has a dog that looks eerily similar to her. 

Jenna Florio

Sales Manager

After graduating from Pitzer College with a dual degree in Organismal and Human Biology, Jenna researched Mosquito migration with the National Instuties of Health and then managed a Citizen Science project focusing on ants and other insects in people's backyards with the California Academy of Sciences. She really knows her bugs.

From hawking comedy club tickets in Times Square as a teenager to convincing people to care about the complex lives of ants, Jenna could sell you on eating bugs in her sleep. When she's not talking about insects, you can find her lounging on Ocean beach with a bottle of funky natural wine or feverishly knitting.

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