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our story

Was it destiny?

Who's Destiny? What happened was in 2013 three college friends ate bugs at the same time on opposite sides of the planet. One bit into a caterpillar in Tanzania and exclaimed, “This tastes like lobster!” The other lost a bet in China and popped a skewered scorpion into her mouth, muttering to herself, "Mmm shrimpy." Meanwhile in New York City the third friend came across some cheese-flavored worms she remembered from her 10th-grade chemistry class.

and Then what happened?

After a few months of doing whatever college students do when they're studying abroad, our founders returned to their classes, cafeteria lunches, and their crammed dorms. But wait, keep reading because one day Laura came across a report by the United Nations promoting edible insects for food security and sustainability (classic Laura).

What were the odds?

Was it destiny this time? No, WHO is destiny?? Laura shared the article with her friends, unaware of the similar formative experiences they too had abroad. And with that, a fiery desire to bring edible insects mainstream was ignited. Piece of (cricket) cake.

the future of food

From breaking the world record for the world’s largest nachos (with a crickety twist) to making a deal with Mark Cuban on Shark Tank, we've come a long way from those early days when even our friends wouldn't try our products. And now? We're committed to changing the landscape of the food industry, one cricket chip or smoothie at a time. But don't just take our word for it (we're biased).